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" "Bullet Karma" gives us different perspectives on the era-defining artist from the man himself as well as various figures in his orbit, including Factory superstar Edie Sedgwick, musician Lou Reed, and writer Truman Capote. Roost’s rendering of Capote is particularly spot-on." RocCitymag Rochester Fringe New York 2023

Welcome to my website !

Take a look around at my solo shows that have travelled the globe in both live theatre and digital online formats to critical acclaim.

"An interesting drama, featuring biting wit, fabulous artwork and a high level of passion." North West End - Brighton Fringe 2023 

"It’s terrific, succinctly capturing our distant recollections of the Warhol story, superbly written and brilliantly performed. A thoroughly enriching and uplifting hour!
Thank you many times over."
- Simon Taylor -  Brighton Fringe 2023

"At times Garry Roost's play, Warhol: Bullet Karma feels as if it echoes one of Warhol's cinematic works." MyTheatre Mates ****

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Rochester Fringe NY 2024 10th-21st Sept 

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3rd-17th Oct 2024

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3rd-22nd Oct 2023

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5th May-4th June 2023

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Edfest 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022 Live in person & Virtual

In memory of Eileen & Ivor Garry's late Mother and Father and Eddie Gray Friend of Bacon.

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