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Francis Bacon presented for the first time in Croatia

"Francis Bacon, one of the foremost artists of modern and contemporary European painting, was presented to the Croatian public for the first time in the Dubrovnik Art Gallery last night.This is a unique exhibition from the collection of Ravarino, called "The Limits of the mind" and is made up of more than a hundred drawings in pastel, pencil and collages. It is divided into four parts - Self-portraits, Pope, portraits and the Crucifixion.


Dubrovnik exhibition was presented by the Italian art historian and writer Giulia Zadonandi and director of the Art Gallery of Dubrovnik Vesna Delic Gozze, both authors of the text in the catalog and curators of the exhibition which was opened by art historian Ivan Viden.


At the opening visitors, in addition to this exceptional exhibition, had the opportunity to see the performance of the monodrama Pope Head - The Secret Life of Francis Bacon, which was wrote and performed by an English actor Garry Roost."


- Dubrovnik Times  23rd December 2016

Breath Taking ! 'Limits of The Mind'

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Keith Gow - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017

FringeReview Interview Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017

"One of the most famous modern and contemporary artists, Francis Bacon, is presented today at 6 pm in The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.


His exhibition, ‘Limits of Mind’, is opened until February 2017. For the first time in Croatia, visitors are more than welcomed to see more than 100 pieces of this famous artist – among them, pastel, pencil and her collages, ans so to meet this unique, eccentric artist that captured movement in frames of one piece picture.


Francis Bacon was an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his bold, grotesque, emotionally charged and raw imagery, and his abstracted figures are typically isolated in glass or steel geometrical cages, against flat, nondescript backgrounds Explore more about this amazing artist on his official web page and, of course, don’t miss tonight’s exhibition!


At the opening night of the exhibition, amazing actor Garry Roost performed the Pope Head The Secret Life of Francis Bacon Featuring Garry Roost, acclaimed portrayal of the great artist an intimate and revealing piece fitting for the event."


-Just Dubrovnik 22nd December 2016

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