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A solo play about Andy Warhol and the shooting by Valerie Solanas which premiered at Sweet Venues Edinburgh Festival 2018. Then made it's Australian premiere at  Treasury 1860 Adelaide Fringe 2019. Bullet Karma made it's New York, USA premiere at The Geva Theatre Center, Rochester Fringe NY 2023 to critical acclaim. 

The play looks at Warhol's early life and his obsessive determination to "become famous". 


His father left him a contribution toward his education to go to college.

Warhol excelled and was recognised by his tutor to be "the most gifted and talented student I've ever seen.."


Andy eventually moved to New York and landed his dream job as a commercial artist. The factory came later along with the extraordinary explosion of ideas and concepts that shook the pop art world. 


Roost unfolds the story, the lives and tragic losses of those who lived and died in the factory. A darkly witty take on the American icon of pop art.

"Astonishing written and performative skill!" Syke On Stage *****

"Outstanding one man show!" WordsByDarling Brighton Fringe 2021

" Warhol's soul stripped bare in front of you.." Bob Becker Adelaide 2019 **** 

" A tour de force!" Brian Ritchie Bassist Violent Femmes MONA FOMA

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