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Pope Head: The Secret Life of Francis Bacon

Summerhall [Edinburgh], Pentameters Theatre & Vout-O-Reene's


"This show was absolutely incredible. I came out of the theatre absolutely blown away by Roost's performance. His craft onstage is absolutely electric to behold. His deft and colourful mastery of text is such a riveting experience." - Charlie Hendren - Summerhall 2015


11th June - 2016


"you reincarnated him (Bacon)... in the top 5 of my theatrical experiences..." ****


11th May - 2016


"It was Francis!" Maggi Skawinski (Close friend of Bacon)


11th May - 2016


"Tour de force... Superb" *****





"Roost was born to play this part." ****




Rated : *****

It's a tall order to perform for over one hour and get over the important episodes the formed Francis Bacon. Quite sympathetic and perhaps offers some explanation behind his craft that eventually made him world famous. It's interesting because this is now recent history, . A brave piece of writing that explores the context. Garry Roost delivers a powerful and accomplished performance. Fun going to the Pentameters Theatre. The boozer below has great beer selection from the Camden Brewery and excellent sausage rolls. (Move over Royal Court)




Rated : ****

Another wonderful evening at the friendliest eccentric theatre in London. A really interesting and well performed show written and staring Garry Roost. A wonderful incite into the life of Francis Bacon, I sure learnt a lot. Highly recommended.



   Rated : *****

It's a fantastic play about the life and loves of Francis Bacon. Just an hour long and a one man play, it really cuts to the heart of what made this weird genius tick, and a lot of it ain't pretty. Well worth the hike out to Hampstead.



   Rated : *****

Mesmerizing. I hardly dared blink in case I missed something! Engaging & wonderfully well acted.



   Rated : *****

Superb show making Francis Bacon come alive! Excellent text, staging , acting. Every show at the theatre is hand picked, and this one was no exception



   Rated : *****

Emotionally charged, provocative and skillfull performance that will keep you on the edge of your seat.



   Rated : *****

A tour de force one man show. Garry Roost is witty, intense and simply mesmerising as Francis Bacon. At 60 minutes the play moves at a real pace. Thank you Garry, thank you Leonie. Miss it at your peril!


Rated : *****

Thank you so much AC and Pentameters ! Leonie and her theatre are London treasures! Garry Roost was great as Bacon , people he knew and even turned his face into Bacon' s paintings. He fitted so much about Francis Bacon's life into an hour. I shall go back to Pentameters and so will this show , next April.



Rated : *****

Superb acting, meaningful play, interesting set and delightful theatre space. Having arrived early I was lucky enough to get the best seats in the house: front row on a sofa! I'd read about Leonie and she's truly inspirational. How wonderful to meet a woman so welcoming and so passionate about theatre. Her team was equally great. Thank you all and thank you A.C. I saw the penultimate performance but I believe it will return in the spring. Excellent.



Rated : ****

Sensational performance; a must for anyone into the "dark side".

Anonymous   3-Dec-2015


Rated : *****

A real tour de force solo performance, fast paced and gives a convincing insight of Francis Bacon,the man and artist. The very colourful life of Bacon provides an ideal basis for this sort of treatment. That said, though the pace was riveting, there were episodes where a longer treatment would have been welcome (where I wanting to know a bit more of the story). Not to be missed. And the theatre space is delight.



Rated : ****

First visit to this theatre and will certainly try to return - a very warm welcome from the founder Leonie and the production was a tour de force. Knew of a fair bit about Bacon but Garry Roost's play and performance was revealing, energetic and insightful. Simply staged, you were drawn into the many sights, sounds and events that made up this troubled artist's life - covering the emotions and challenging the mores of his time. Go if you can.


Summerhall Edinburgh 2015:


"This show was absolutely incredible. I came out of the theatre absolutely blown away by Roost's performance. His craft onstage is absolutely electric to behold. His deft and colourful mastery of text is such a riveting experience." - Charlie Hendren


"It’s a raw, restless 60-minute penetration that jabs at and turns over the human condition in the same way that Bacon explained of his work" - David Knight

                           Warhol: Bullet Karma




Audience comments:


 "A most excellent show"  Geva Theatre Center, Rochester New York USA 22nd September 2023

"An amazing show, we were so excited to see it, you were brillaint!" Geva Theatre Center, Rochester NY  22nd September 2023


"That was a great show tonight. They told me about your research trip to the Factory, Decker Building, NYC and you could see that in your performance. You were 

brilliant!"  Front of house staff, Sue , Geva Theatre Center Rochester New York Rochester Fringe Fesitval 2023 21st September 

"Saw Bullet Karma last night - great show!" Ted Wenskus Geva Theatre Center, Rochester New York USA -  comment on social media 15th September 2023 

"It’s terrific, succinctly capturing our distant recollections of the Warhol story, superbly written and brilliantly performed. A thoroughly enriching and uplifting hour! Thank you many times over." - Simon Taylor - Director, his review of  the online digital version of  Bullet Karma at Brighton Fringe 2023


"Breath-taking. Mr Roost captured the strange mix of arrogance and yet vulnerability in the Warhol persona as well as presenting well delineated vignettes of members of, and visitors to, 'The Factory'. " ***** - Pentameters Theatre Previews - 22nd July 2018


"This play was very well written and delivered. A one man play, Garry Roost playing a variety of roles by using props to switch character." - 21st July


" A very enjoyable solo piece, with an interesting story and great character acting." **** - 20th July


"A fantastic show - must see at the fringe." Edinburgh Fringe Warhol Facebook page Audience review ***** 6th Aug 2018


"Garry I really enjoyed the show today. It was the highlight of my fringe day!" Twitter audience comment 7th Aug 2018


"A tour de force..."  8th Aug

"Start of a long day at #edfringe with excellent @WarholBulletKar in the grassmarket. Great one man show..learnt tons." Twitter 20th Aug


"An edgy, gritty and compassionate portrayal that compels, educates and entertains. We were taken with Garry's performance at the 2018 Edinburgh fringe and highly recommend seeing his show." Facebook Warhol page  20th Aug


Professional comments:

Nick Steel CEO Bath Comedy Festival: "Brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone!" 21st Aug 2018

Ryan Alexander Dewar - Scottish Film/Theatre maker: "Inspirational... Honest, Real, Hopeful. Insightful. Witty. A vividly told journey of such a colourful icon."

John McCann - DUPed The Play - Edinburgh Fringe First: "Beautiful play. Garry knocks it out of the park. Golden hour..."

Paul Levy - FringeReview: "An excellent show...a consummate performer."

Geoff Whiting - Mirth Control: " A great writer and performer...brought the characters to life so brilliantly."

Mr Twonkey of Twonkeyverse - Award Winning Comedian: " I thought it was brilliant!"


Brian Ritchie  Bassist - Violent Femmes - CEO MONA FOMA - Museum of Old and New Art -Tasmania 14th March 2019 " A tour de force!"

Head of Learning Technology - Glasgow School of Art "That was amazing!" Virtual performance Warhol - 16th April 2021 


Vancouver Fringe Festival Team 2023 - "We loved your show!"

Rochester Fringe Festival New York Team 2023 - "Thank you for bringing your brilliant show to Rochester Fringe!" 

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